Cardea Ventures LLC
Buying Distressed Houses, Creating Desirable Homes

About Cardea Ventures LLC

Buying Distressed Houses, Creating Desirable Homes

Cardea Ventures is a real estate investment company.  We buy distressed houses in good neighborhoods.  Distressed houses are not homeowner ready - they need repair, remodeling, restoration, or rehabilitation.   We then invest the resources needed to turn each distressed house into a desirable home.  Our goal is to quickly return our houses to the real estate market at good prices, ready for people to buy.

Michael R. Coker was born and raised in Alabama.  He is certified in heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), was trained at John Patterson Technical College in Montgomery AL, and has built a career in HVAC over the past 40 years.  Mike’s business experience, plus the work he put into personally building his own home, have given him the wide range of knowledge and skills needed to ensure that good quality materials and workmanship go into each Cardea Ventures project.

Mt Vernon Mills for 1 1/2 yrs as a Service Technician. Worked on centrifical chillers, cooling towers, and pneumatic controls.

Auburn University for 3 1/2 yrs as a Service Technician.  Took care of all the refrigeration equipment, walk in freezers and coolers, ice machines, kitchen equipment, 6 dining halls, and a warehouse.

Climate Service for 31 years. Began as a Service Technician, and for 15 yrs worked on "everything from the water fountain on the wall to 750 Ton Chillers in physical plants". Promoted to Service Manager and for 14 years built the service business from 5 to 15 technicians; supervised all service technicians; managed, prioritized, and scheduled all work; and provided on-site trouble shooting/problem solving on challenging service projects. Appointed Sales Manager in 2009 to assist customers with HVAC service and maintenance needs.


Baptist Hospital
Montgomery County Commission
State of Alabama
Troy University
Auburn University
Alabama League of Municipalities
Southern Poverty Law Center
Alders Gate Methodist Church
Eastern Hills Baptist Church
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Montgomery County Health
Embassy Suites
And more...  

Patricia L. Scheifler was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri and has lived in Alabama since 1982.  Patricia finds distressed homes with good potential, contributes creative energy to Cardea Ventures, and manages finances. "We have a great partnership - Mike makes it work, I make it beautiful."

Cardea was the mythological Roman goddess of thresholds, door hinges and handles; the benefactress of craftsman; and was attributed with the power to keep evil demons from entering houses. 1,2